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Our policies

Customer Service Policy

At Sea Zen we strive to give our guests the best possible service – our standard is the best service we ourselves have experienced anywhere in the world.

Sea Zen Sustainability Policy

We are committed to protecting our environment through a sustainable approach to our business.

Sea Zen was designed and built with low energy consumption a key component from the beginning. For example –

  • We targeted an energy rating of 5.9 with double glazed windows, insulation, building orientation and window design
  • We use low wattage light bulbs
  • We capture all our own water and treat the water and waste with a treatment plant on our property
  • We have a solar heating system to boost the heating of the hot water
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products

We commit to a sustainability policy by striving at all times towards the conservation of water, energy and resources in all our activities and we continually strive to improve our understanding of the impact that our practices may have on our local and global environment.

When our guests visit we ask them to consider the environment by the following –

Separating the rubbish into general waste and recyclable waste

  • Using the spa water in a sustainable way (see on our spa notice)
  • Turn off the air conditioning and lights when are away from Sea Zen
  • Place unused towels into the wardrobe.

Sea Zen Environment Policy

When guests visit our beautiful beaches and nearby forrest we suggest they follow the philosophy below –

  • Leave no trace
  • Take nothing but photos
  • Leave nothing but footsteps

We have extra rubbish bags in the kitchen drawers for guests to take on their outings and return to our bins.

While in Sea Zen we encourage guests to conserve and recycle

Dogs and wildlife

We suggest dogs be kept on a leash near wildlife: especially koalas.

Visit suggestion

To engage with local conservation and environment issues we suggest guests vist Cape Otway Conservation Ecology Centre.