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Our Story

headerWhile working on the Great Ocean Road in other business interests, the love of nature and the unique Wye River environment kept pulling us to Wye River. Could we live here permanently? Could we capitalise on the shortage of high end accommodation on the Great Ocean Road for experience seekers and romantics?

We also noticed there was a shortage of high end pet friendly accommodation. We decided to build a State of the Art studio, to give a superior standard of accommodation. It would have unique features that would give guests a unique experience.

faviconWhile travelling in Japan in 2006 we fell in love with Japanese design and aesthetics. We knew that a pure Japanese interior would not suit most of our guests. For example, sleeping on the floor and eating while sitting on the floor is difficult for those of us not brought up in the Japanese tradition.

yukata3However we decided we could incorporate the quiet and peacefulness that Japanese design and the philosophy of Zen inspires, in design elements like our shoji screens, Japanese fabrics, crockery, furnishings, original woodblock prints and books on design, gardens and food. These elements are in harmony with living close to nature near ocean and rainforest. Our interior was to be simple with beautiful styling, but without compromising on comfort. An interior reflective of the harmony of the human spirit and nature.

Completed in 2012, Sea Zen has already had many happy guests, some of whom have returned three and four times. Our talks with guests and their comments in our guest book have reinforced the choices we made.

Sea Zen is the happiness business. Happiness for guests in a quiet natural location where there is time for fun and reflection while enjoying the luxury of good customer service.