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Are you stir crazy yet?

There are rumours that local tourism will reopen soon.  Are you stir crazy and just itching to get out of the house for a wonderful holiday in the fresh air?  Down here everything is ready for you to come once the government gives the green light.

We are not able to take bookings yet, but once we can, we will only take booking  from past guests for the foreseeable future. No random bookings from Airbnb.  You won’t need a deposit, pay after you come, full refund if government rules change.
Would you like to come and relax? No better place in the world than Sea Zen!

I’ll send update news when the government lets us reopen. Email rex@seazen.com.au with ‘Send update’ and I’ll put you on the priority hotlist for updates and bookings.


We couldn’t believe our eyes when a giant drilling rig filled the horizon in April.  It glided through the mist hauled by two gigantic tugs.  At 100 metres long and legs 170 metres high, it was awesome, legs taller than a 50 story building.  It took almost a full day to sail past.  It had just finished doing ground breaking carbon storage research off the Otways, and is now back in Westernport Bay on standby.


Most mornings a group of locals including Sibylle don wetsuits and have a refreshing swim in the waves at Sep Ck beach at 8 am.  When you stay, don’t forget to pack your wetsuit, and join in!


The locals are an enthusiastic bunch.  The Landcare group cut the seed heads from a local Pampas Grass infestation last week and burned them in the fire pit at Sep called ‘Howies’.  Sibylle hard at work here.

What visitors don’t know is you can take some firewood to the Howies fire pit from Sea Zen on a cold day with a few drinks, the best place to watch the waves at Sep Creek and keep cosy!  Give it a try next time you visit!


Last weekend fishermen covered the Sep Ck rocks and tried the fishing.  ‘Best results in months mate, would you like a Salmon for dinner?’  Smiles all round.
The fish have eluded me in the past, but there is always a rod at Sea Zen for guests to try your luck.


We confess to take a slow drive to Apollo Bay occasionally, have Fish and Chips at the Harbour for lunch and take a freshly cooked Cray home.  We eat it that night at slow leisure with a glass of white.  Prices are down a bit from last year and the Crays at Apollo Bay are always the sweetest and best, yum!

Still the best coffee on the Great Ocean Road at the Wye River Café.  Good selection of takeaways, and the shop has been relaid with double the prior stock, great selection and reasonable prices.  The friendly smiles are free!

Clean living locally – there are no Covid infections in the local Shire anywhere.

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