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Double Whammy Spectacular Walks for Wye River

It’s all happening at Wye River.  On 22 Jan 2020 Emergency Services minister Lisa Neville opened the new 5km walk from Separation Creek north to Jamieson River.  She stunned the 120 person crowd by ALSO announcing a new walk will be built this year from Wye River to Kennett River. A double whammy, great!
Lisa has been a tremendous support to the community as it recovers from the 2015 fires.
The crowd was interested to hear the news.  A few seconds later they cheered, and headed off with Lisa to try out the new walk.
The new walk starts just 200m from our door at Sea Zen.

start of walk

You can go the full 5 km or just part of the way.  Our neighbour Tim walked the full 5km to Jamieson, and came back along the rocks, a good workout that took him two and a half hours. He was breathing easily, with a smile from ear to ear.

The new walk to Kennett will be similar – above the road with spectacular sea views all the way.  It will add to the existing menu of walks, each with their own journeys of nature discovery: the river walk, the beach walks, the forest walks and now the Jamieson walk.

Should you holiday overseas or locally?

We recently came back from a short trip to New Zealand. It was unsettling.  The airports were eerily quiet with no Chinese visitors.  People on the plane flinched when someone kept coughing into the air without using a handkerchief, mindful of Coronavirus concerns.

We have postponed all plans for further international travel for now.  We feel now is a better time to stay locally.  It’s nice in the village, with the friendly local cafe staff, still best coffee on the Great Ocean Road.

Now is a great time to have a relaxing stay at Sea Zen, with peace of mind.

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