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FAQ about Wye River

Q Are there any places to eat nearby?
Yes we have the Wye Beach Hotel open lunch and dinner every day of the year and the Wye General Café for breakfast and lunch and the best coffees on the coast (coffees all year, meals not in winter.)

There are many more great cafes in Lorne (20 minutes’ drive), Apollo Bay (30 minutes’ drive) and throughout the Otways. Checkout our ‘Sea Zen Food Lover’s Guide to the Great Ocean Road and the Otways’.

Q What can we do, what are the best local experiences while we are here?

We love exploring, researching and writing about all the many wonderful experiences the Great ocean Road, Wye River and the Otways National Park and rainforests have to offer. With our ‘Sea Zen Insider’s Guide to Suggested Activities in Wye River and Great Ocean Road’ you get lots of information on the best and most excitinge xperiences our region has to offer. Then all you have to do, is chose and go for it.

Q How far is it to Lorne/ Apollo Bay / 12 Apostles?
Lorne is 20 mins; Apollo Bay is 35 mins; 12 Apostles is 110 km, about 1 hour and 50 mins.

We love travelling the road to Lorne and Apollo Bay as we are on the prettiest part of the Great Ocean Road: high, rocky, dramatic!

Q Are there local wineries to visit?
There are wineries near Anglesea and Colac, and some craft Breweries in the Otways.