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MoVida restaurant opens in Lorne

There was great anticipation when we heard that a new MoVida restaurant was opening in Lorne.  The two in Melbourne are well regarded for high end Spanish food and the Lorne experience lives up to expectations.

The new restaurant is at ground level under the Lorne Hotel, just 20 mins from our Sea Zen accommodation at Wye River.  It has a brilliant outlook through the gums to surfers in the bay, and the setting inside is relaxed.

MoVida is refreshing Spanish dining with tempting Tapas, larger meals and a wide range of Spanish wines and sherries.

Our server Jamie helped us navigate the choice of pre meal sherries, from the light and dry to the more deeply nuanced offerings.  He gave us a sample of several, making the choice easy.

There is a set meal with wines for around $60, but we opted for our own selection of Tapas and shared mains.  We started with the Concha Tapas, delicate pastry shells around an explosion of subtle tuna flavours.  We followed with Prawns wrapped in a tasty crust and then barbequed Octopus on skewers.  The sherry was an excellent counterpoint.

Tapas Movida

Tapas Movida

For shared mains we had the slow cooked beef cheek with cauliflower puree, a delight of deep complex flavours, followed by the roast capon, another captivating contrast.  A delightful meal in delightful surroundings.

Do we recommend Movida?  Definitely, 5/5. Around $60 per person.

See the Menu below, for the day we dined in May 2019.

MoVida Lorne menu

MoVida Lorne menu

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