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Separation Creek beach dropped a metre overnight

The beach dropped a metre overnight!

During a wild storm two weeks ago in late July 2018, strong currents ripped along the Separation Creek beach, a few hundred metres from our Sea Zen accommodation.   Next morning, a metre of sand had been ripped out, revealing …

Separation Creek rocks

Separation Creek gulch

A huge rock gulch – which now snakes across the beach mid way from the steps and the fisherman’s rocks.

Nature can be surprising.  On the rocks there is even a growth of bright green seaweed!  Hmm.  Was it buried under the sand, or did we just fail to notice it at the old sand level?  It looked to be buried, but how would it be green? Mystery.

Around a decade ago, we had a similar winter storm and almost all the sand was washed from the same Sep Ck beach, leaving nothing but rocks everywhere.  After a month with the prospect of a summer without sand, sure enough another storm raged, and overnight the hand of nature replenished the beach with smooth sand as if nothing had ever happened!

And for today’s entertainment…

Today we were treated to a few hours of Whales frolicking just off shore at Separation Creek. Right up close, so easy to see from the Sea Zen balcony.

No leaping about, but huge animals cruising, a calf and 2 others.

whales off Wye

Whales off Wye

Whale spotting tip


If you are driving along the Great Ocean Road, the easiest way to spot Whales is to look for the tell-tale signs of spectators, like this group near Lorne last week.

We also stopped and watched two Southern Right Whales cruising around about 400m from shore. Here one has lifted her head out of the water for  better look around.

lorne whales

Whales are at their peak now (August), and will be around for the next few months.  You can keep an eye on activity via alerts here.

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