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Summer at Wye River – animals and beaches

We are blessed with a rich variety of wildlife at Sea Zen. We treasure them even more after the terrible wildlife carnage in the fires in the east of the state.
More happily, here is a dark intruder from yesterday, hopped in from the rainforest:
The day before this large Heron was looking for frogs next door. (Yes we have frogs, I was startled by one on the top of the water tank last Monday as we had the tanks filled to the brim)
We are also fortunate to have our own deserted beach at Separation Ck.  Lucky Sea Zen guests have the beach to themselves most of the time! Here it was a few days ago.

At the same time, the Wye Beach was very crowded.

Our new bush path from Separation Creek to Jamieson Creek has been well used by visitors this summer, even before it is officially open.
The best part is the stone seat at the lookout overlooking the local villages, beautifully done.

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