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Flashmob at Wye River cafe

There were some startled diners at the Wye café on Australia Day. A flashmob had descended without warning.

Flashmob? Unannounced  a group arrives, performs, disappears – and that was what happened.

Mike Brady of Up there Cazaly fame just stood up and started singing ‘Stand by me’.  In a few moments members of the local community sidled up and joined in.  Some surf club members, some community volunteers, some Fireys and some locals. Sibylle was there too.

Soon the startled diners were clapping and singing too.  Another local Imogen Brough, a finalist from The Voice added harmony.

In a few minutes it was over, and the performers dissolved back into the crowd, the diners including our Sea Zen guests were left laughing in disbelief.

It is the kind of thing that happens easily at Wye River, a little laid back community that will have a go at anything.  See the 4 min video here.

I organised the flashmob for fun, and also as a message of hope for the 2020 bushfire towns.  We’d lost 109 houses in 2015, one third of the town, but over 4 years we grew back stronger.  The other towns could too.

The Flashmob video was viewed 7000 times in the first week on Youtube.  If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends.

When you stay at Sea Zen, you can experience the laid back vibe at the Wye General café.  We can’t promise a flashmob, but you never know, and we can definitely guarantee the best coffee on the Great Ocean Road!