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Mike Brady claps for Zen sound

My friend Mike Brady of Cazaly fame clapped his hands in Sea Zen as he listened intently. “As I thought, no reverberation, the angled walls soften the sound, very Zen.”  Mike had come to check out our Sea Zen accommodation.  He knew about us, but although a neighbour, had never been inside.

As well as a composer and singer, he has learned a lot over the years how sounds behave in small spaces like recording studios.  “Parallel walls give a horrible reverberation, I hate it” he said.

I never realised that the angled walls had a softening impact, but he is right and helps explain why Sea Zen has that calming effect.  As an owner it’s nice to find so many of our guests enjoy the tranquillity of their break away from the hurly burly of the city.  The soft Zen experience is all part of that.

Check out the walls

You can see the 3D plan here, and Mike is right, lots of angles, and even the ceiling and floors are stepped.
Floor plan

New 360 degree view

You can also check out the walls using our new 360 degree view from inside Sea Zen.  It’s almost like being there.  Just click here to get the 360 degree experience, especially handy for our past Treetops guests to get a feel for Sea Zen.

I enjoyed watching Mike sing “Up there Cazaly” at the Grand Final on TV.  It has become an anthem of joy for the occasion.  Mike is also a continuous innovator and 2 weeks ago released a new reflective song on Youtube here.

New cleaning and booking company

We farewelled our past cleaner Lesley, who is off on a caravan tour of Australia after years of excellent service.   Our new partner is Holiday GOR who have taken over the cleaning and are taking many of our bookings, from October 2019.   They are professional managers who have been servicing the area brilliantly for over 20 years.  They are doing a great job for us.