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Yellowtails return to Wye River for summer


A few weeks ago we heard the welcome wail of a family of Yellow Tail Cockatoos visiting the coast for summer.  We love these gentle giants, the largest of all the cockatoo family.
They come to harvest Banksia cones a few metres from the Sea Zen balcony, just like this.
This family are taking over the tree looking for the tastiest cones.
They also enjoy ripping apart huge pine cones, so as soon as they have had their fill in our tree, they are off.
These magnificent birds have a wingspan of about 1.2 m and fly in an unmistakable slow bouncy flight.  It looks effortless, but they cruise along at around 50 km/hr.  One lucky day, we drove along the Great Ocean Road beside a family of three for about 5 kilometres.  Magic!