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Japanese drums farewell Wye River sculptures

Dramatic scenes in early April as Japanese drummers came to Wye River beach to celebrate the sculptures by expert sculptor Shoso Shimbo. The sound overwhelmed the sound of the sea.

The sculptor put finishing touches to his work by adding new flowers to the work which was made from remnants of the fires.  A kind of symbolism of renewal.

Here is how the drummers looked through the archway of the sculpture.

We from Sea Zen enjoyed the closing ceremony.  It was also nice to revisit the other work, a spiral labyrinth made from items from the ashes, and the 10 smaller works in the shop and the pub.  Some cultural enrichment for us personally, and our thanks to the Lorne community and the Lorne Sculpture Biannale folks.

Drummers stay at Sea Zen too!

It’s a small world, and I’ve discovered Mia and Nik from the Wadaiko Rindo drummers are past Sea Zen guests!  Here they are second left, front and back, with the other drummers.


Anyone who wants an impressive performance, I can recommend them – contact Mia at mia@wadaikorindo.com