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World Dog Day at dog friendly Sea Zen

sz happy world day

Oops, did you miss it? August 26 was World Dog Day!

But then again, every day at Sea Zen is dog day!
Why?   After looking for somewhere nice to bring our dogs while on our holidays and often finding it difficult, we made sure Sea Zen dog is pet friendly for others on holiday!

But don’t forget the working dogs!

Old photo sled dogs

Sled dogs Greenland, pic hotel Arctic

A few weeks ago we met some working sled dogs in Greenland, where dogs are so vital for the local fishermen that until recently dogs outnumbered people in the beautiful town of Ilulissat. There it is a tough life, inspiring but brutal. Puppies are free to roam, but stay close to their mother, for one tough reason. Here is the story about where modern meets tradition and tradition lives on, one of our most fascinating dog experiences!


Closer to home, here is Riley the working Truffle dog.  He’s not relaxing, he’s pointing out a Truffle here in the Otways.

Back at Sea Zen, it’s a good life for dogs and their owners. Here to celebrate World Dog Day are just a few past dog pics from our Facebook page.

cosy at Sea Zen

Cosy, warm fire

bird watching

Bird watching

Freedom on the beach

Freedom on the beach

Maybe now is a good time to book that holiday with your dog at Sea Zen again! Calendar is here.

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