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Apollo Bay – Crayfish capital – a short drive from Sea Zen

Apollo Bay is the Crayfish capital of Victoria and it’s just a half hour from Sea Zen.

Crayfish near Sea Zen

Cooked Crays all year round

What is not generally known is that you can get a freshly cooked Crayfish all year round at Apollo Bay, and legally even when the season is closed.  How come?

The Fisherman’s Co-op overlooking the harbour at Apollo Bay buys crayfish fresh from the fishing fleet, but what is not generally known is they store them in huge holding tanks deep within the Co-op building.  Several thousand are kept in the holding tanks in a state of semi-hibernation.

Crays fresh from the boat

Crays fresh from the boat

The stored stock is big enough to keep a fresh supply to visitors during the closed season.  It also is a vital part of their export industry to China, so they can sell at the best price, in a very sophisticated operation.

The local fishermen say the Crayfish stocks are bountiful, with stories of some Crays so large they can’t fit into the Craypots!

Fresh Crayfish – Yum!

One of our favourite meals is a freshly cooked cray and a bottle of bubbly.  Simple. Fresh.  Fantastic.

The trip to Apollo Bay from Sea Zen is always spectacular.  There is a real atmosphere to Apollo Bay harbour, the closest working harbour to Melbourne. You can almost smell the salty sea on the pots on the harbour approach.

Cray Pots Apollo Bay

Cray Pots Apollo Bay

The Fisherman’s Co-op shop

The retail section sells Crays and the fresh fish from the latest fleet catch.  It also does hot fish and chips in an open seating area overlooking the harbour fleet.

Fish and Chips at the co-op

Fish and Chips at the co-op


Apollo Bay Harbour

Co-op is the long white building on the right overlooking the harbour

Co-op is located at Breakwater Road, beside the golf course.  Call before heading off and if they’ve sold out of Crays they may cook one fresh for you! Ph 5237 6591.

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