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Our List of Dog Travel tips for Sea Zen guests

Dogs like holidays too!

Dogs like holidays at Sea Zen

Dogs like holidays too!

Most dog owners know this drill but here are our favourite reminder tips to make sure that your pooch is ready for the open road — and that your journey together will be as smooth as possible.

1. Use a crate or mesh carrier if your dog is used to one. Otherwise consider a special dog harness with seat belt – although there are no 100% guarantees studies have shown either of these options help to keep both you and your friend safer in the event of an accident.
2. Give your dogs — and Yourself — a Break. Just as you want a comfort and drink stop so does your dog. If you are travelling to and from Sea Zen and Melbourne via the freeway the BP station near Avalon has lots of lawn for your dog. We stop there with our Tanook at every trip.
3. Bring water and a bowl, leash and ID tag
4. Bring a favourite toy
5. Bring some treats for the journey if it’s a long one

6. Bring poopie bags
7. Bring your pup’s favourite bed or blanket
8. This is an obvious one, but we’ll include it as a reminder – don’t leave your four legged friend in the car unattended. Melbourne winter days can be ok but make sure there is no sun. Even a mild day in sunshine can make the car hot enough to injure or kill a dog.
9. If your little friend gets car sick, don’t forget the tablets or ginger (get advice from your vet.)
10. Don’t forget the food and any medication your dog needs
11. If you are staying at another destination for some time it may be worthwhile having a temporary tag made with the address.
12. Get your young or new pet used to the idea of a long trip by taking her/him on a series of short drives first, gradually lengthening time spent in the car.
13. Start with a light meal a few hours before travel. Try not to feed during the drive even if it is a long one as some dogs have motion sensitive stomachs.
14. Read our Sea Zen local dog tips pack, it also has contact details for local vets. There is a spare copy in Sea Zen.

Happy travels!

Pet friendly holidays Wye River and Sea Zen

Dogs DO like holidays!