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Paddys Path Wye River completed

Paddy’s Path, the pretty path between Sea Zen in Separation Ck and Wye River, is now permanently open (Feb 2019).  It almost sparkles.

Gone are the previous dodgy landslips, replaced by a solid path.  In the middle is a beautifully crafted timber walkway, viewing seats and the memorial plaque to Paddy Harrington.  The unstable slopes below the path have been permanently strengthened by a thousand rock bolts and netting.

You now have dozens of spectacular views over the beaches and the adjacent rocks.  You can even see the rock pools midway between the towns.

Paddys Path

Paddys Path

Pictures of the path

A third of the way to Sep, the gravel path stops and a boardwalk starts.  If you click on the pic, you can see the long rockpools on the right.

1 boardwalk nth with pools900

Looking back south, you have a wide view over the Wye beach, the pub and houses all the way to Sturt Point on the left.

Looking south to Wye beach

Looking south to Wye beach

There is a relaxing seat and viewing point midway along the boardwalk

4 boardwalk seat1000

Near the seat is the original plaque commemorating Paddy Harrington, local bushman and legend after whom the path is named.  To read more about Paddy, click here.

6 Paddys plaque1000

After a while, the path returns to crushed rock, another place to look out at the rockpools.

7 north from boardwalk1000

Turning back south, you can see over the rocks to the wave breaking over Sturt Point, just below the Telstra transmitter.

9 wye from gravel1000

Approaching the Separation Ck end, there is another viewing spot, just before the path starts its descent.

10 sep view seat1000

The path descends steeply to Separation Ck, through native plants replanted by locals after the fire.

Descent to Sep Ck

Descent to Sep Ck

A popular walk from Sea Zen at Sep Ck is the circuit – along the beach to Wye for a coffee and back to Sep along Paddy’s path.  The views have never been better!