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Wye River birds – The pesky, brilliant, loveable wren

Apart from the view, one of the things Sea Zen visitors remark on the most is the birdlife.  While the king parrots are favourites, an endless source of fascination is the Superb Fairy Wren.

Fairy Wren

Male Superb Fairy Wren

Male Superb Fairy Wren

The male’s brilliant blue plumage make it stand out when it ventures out from protective scrub.  It is always on the move, usually with a drab brown female not far away.  The call is a high pitched trit trit.  You can often see it in the garden next to the Sea Zen side balcony.

I find it pesky, because the male often visits our house at the back of Sea Zen, and has an ongoing fight with – itself!  It spends hours jumping at its reflection in the back window, and also at its reflection in our car side mirrors.  Within a day, there are white droppings all over the car door.  But it is all worth it to see these loveable little birds parading close.

Some facts: they mainly eat insects.  They have a tiny ball nest in bushes with a side entrance.  The male and female raise a family together, but are both promiscuous, and unpaired males who have mated with the female will help raise the young.

Balmy Autumn

We have enjoyed balmy days with smooth seas, and cooling nights.  A time to light the wood fire inside, as the fire agencies burn off in the forests to prepare for next season.

The coming months are a time to enjoy a crackling wood fire inside, and to see if there are any truffle hunts planned at the nearby  Wongarra Farm.